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07 November 2023 – Publications

The Legal 500 Country Comparative Guides 2023: International Arbitration

In the current “Country Comparative Guides 2023 – International Arbitration”, Manuel Walser and Lisa Sartor provide a detailed overview of the laws and regulations…

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03 October 2023 – News

Sustainability challenge – Charitable commitment of Walser Attorneys at Law to the getONEdone Foundation.

At the 7th Philanthropy Platform at Technopark Vaduz, charitable foundations provided an insight into the work of foundations and their impulses for the society….

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21 September 2023 – Publications

International Arbitration in Liechtenstein 2023

In the latest edition of the Global Legal Group’s «International Arbitration», Manuel Walser and Lisa Sartor provide an overview of the provisions of Liechtenstein…

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16 August 2023 – News

Litigation & Dispute Resolution in Liechtenstein 2023

In the country contribution by Manuel Walser and Daria Tschütscher, civil procedural law and dispute resolution in Liechtenstein are examined. The topics of procedural…

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13 July 2023 – News

Legal 500: Country Comparative Guide Liechtenstein Litigation

«The Legal 500» recently published the country comparative guide of litigation and the resolution of disputes. The country contribution by Dr. Manuel Walser, Carmen Kranz,…

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23 May 2023 – News

Statement on the consultation report on the reform of the justice system

Based on the consultation report on the optimisation of the judicial system adopted by the Government in February 2023, Walser Attorneys at Law Ltd….

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27 April 2023 – Publications

Country report «International Arbitration» 2023

Recently the ninth edition of the book «International Arbitration» has been published by Global Legal Insights (Global Legal Group). The country report of Dr. Manuel…

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07 March 2023 – News

Legal 500: Banking & Finance in Liechtenstein

“The Legal 500” recently published the Country Comparative Guides (Q&A) in the field of banking & finance. The article by Dr. Manuel Walser and lic….

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