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In accordance with Article 5(1) of the Liechtenstein E-Commerce Act (LGBl. 2003 No. 133, LR 215.211.7) and Article 20 (1) Supply of Services Act (DLG; LGBl. 2010 Nr. 385, LR 930.4 we hereby provide the following information:

Walser Attorneys at Law Ltd.
Lettstrasse 37
PO Box 580
9490 Vaduz
Principality of Liechtenstein

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The attorneys at law employed at Walser Attorneys at Law Ltd. are members of and regulated by the Liechtenstein Bar Association (Liechtensteinische Rechtsanwaltskammer), and are subject to the disciplinary authority of the Liechtenstein Princely Court of Appeal (Fürstliches Obergericht).

Walser Attorneys at Law Ltd. is a public limited company registered at the Commercial Registry, Department of Justice (Amt für Justiz), under registration number FL-0002.528.608-4 and VAT number 59820.

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Terms and conditions
Power of Attorney (PDF-Download)

Fee Guidelines
Act on Tariffs for Lawyers (RATG; LGBl. 1988 Nr. 009, LR 173.511)
Ordinance on the Tariffs for Remuneration of Lawyers (RATV; LGBl. 1992 Nr. 069, LR 173.511.1)
Fee Guidelines of the Liechtenstein Bar Association, available at (only available in German)

Professional liability insurance
Insurer: Zürich Versicherung, Zurich
Policy No. 15.669.910
Territorial scope: Worldwide, but defence costs and enforcement orders (judgments, settlements and costs) incurred in the USA and Canada remain excluded from the insurance coverage

Codes of conduct
Liechtenstein Lawyers Act (RAG; LGBl. 2013 Nr. 415, LR 173.510)
Professional Guidelines of the Liechtenstein Bar Association
Code of Conduct European Lawyers
All available at (Codes of conduct are only available in German)