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Administrative lawAdministrative law

Administrative law governs all legal relationships between the government, municipalities, public authorities and citizens. We can provide advice to private individuals, municipalities or public authorities on any administrative issues affecting them. You can have full confidence in our ability to handle trade, industry and corporate matters, rules governing the professions, financial markets, tax, health, immigration, issues relating to schools and government and municipal matters.

We also advise individuals, public authorities and municipalities in all aspects of construction law, including building regulations (preparation for building, development, construction, utilisation, green areas, spacing, building height, constructing parking spaces, etc.), the process of obtaining planning permission and notification procedures, local planning, the adoption of development or design plans, land readjustment and preservation orders. We can represent you in all administrative proceedings in relation to agencies, commissions, the government or the Administrative Court of the Principality of Liechtenstein (Verwaltungsgerichtshof des Fürstentums Liechtenstein).


Our arbitration service is built on solid experience in resolving complex disputes. In instructing us to act, you can have full confidence in the ability of our team to represent you effectively. We can draft arbitration agreements and arbitration clauses in contracts and articles of association, as well as advise and represent parties in arbitration proceedings and related proceedings before national courts (raising objections, judicial assistance in relation to arbitration or proceedings to set aside an arbitration award, etc.).

Furthermore, we can safeguard your rights in the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards in Liechtenstein and prepare legal opinions on Liechtenstein arbitration issues. In arbitration proceedings, you can also rely on our extensive experience acting as arbitrator.

Banking, insurance and asset managementBanking, insurance and asset management

It is crucial to undertake a thorough assessment of the legal implications of setting up banks, insurance companies, investment undertakings, payment service providers, asset management companies or other financial intermediaries. Whether you need advice on incorporation, mergers or acquisitions of other financial-market participants, we can guide you through all stages of the process.

As part of our service, we can draft the necessary contracts and other documentation, terms and conditions of business, rules and regulations and internal guidelines. We can also assist with the organisation and management of day-to-day operations and advise on all aspects of contract and employment law, due diligence, anti-money laundering, corporate governance and compliance in general. Moreover, we can prepare legal opinions or give second opinions, act for you in dealings with the Liechtenstein authorities (FMA, FIU, etc.) and represent you in court.

Civil liabilityCivil liability

Our expert team is on hand to help with the full spectrum of civil liability, insurance and tort matters. We can undertake an assessment of the liability risks associated with running a business or production facility, or with creating a product, and suggest ways to eliminate these risks. Furthermore, we can prepare legal opinions on liability issues.

We can help enforce your rights in relation to personal injury, damage to property or financial loss caused by accidents, sickness, construction faults, defective work, medical negligence, malpractice or incorrect advice. In addition, we can act for you in out-of-court negotiations and in bringing or defending actions for damages.

Commercial law and contractsCommercial law and contracts

Company management requires the utmost care, raising a whole host of legal issues that impact on day-to-day-operations. You can count on our firm to provide sound advice and act on your behalf. Our services include drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts, terms and conditions of business, commercial agreements, supply agreements, joint ventures and shareholders’ agreements as well as licence, franchise and distribution agreements.

We also offer support and guidance across the full range of general contract, employment and civil liability matters as well as landlord and tenant law and social-security issues. Furthermore, we can take steps to enforce your rights under contract or in a commercial context both in court and in dealings with the public authorities.

Constitutional lawConstitutional law

Our team boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in constitutional law. We advise and represent clients across the full spectrum of constitutional and international law issues, including assessing the constitutionality of legal acts and other matters, preparing legal opinions and providing ongoing advice to municipalities and public authorities.

You can rely on us to assist you in filing individual complaints to the State Court of the Principality of Liechtenstein (Staatsgerichtshof des Fürstentums Liechtenstein), which is the constitutional court responsible for reviewing decisions or orders in the last instance issued by national courts or public authorities with respect to compliance with the Constitution or the European Convention on Human Rights.

Corporate governance and complianceCorporate governance and compliance

Successful businesses call for sound, responsible management and governance. We can assist with corporate governance matters and with meeting due diligence obligations, i.e. compliance issues. Together, we will devise effective management and control structures and risk management systems as well as prepare internal guidelines and rules of conduct.

We can advise senior management on the conduct of business and carry out due diligence prior to mergers and acquisitions. Our expert team is also on hand to assist in complying with regulatory requirements and advises on anti-money laundering and market abuse matters.

Criminal lawCriminal law

Criminal law is a distinct and wide-ranging branch of law in which our team has extensive experience and expertise. As criminal-law specialists, we can advise on all aspects of criminal law and procedure. You can rely on us to represent you in criminal proceedings before the courts or public authorities (police force, public prosecutor, FIU, FMA, tax authorities, etc.), whether you are a complainant, defendant, the victim of an offence or a party bringing or joining criminal proceedings.

Alongside general criminal law (e.g. assault and battery, fraud, money laundering, defamation, bankruptcy offences), we can advise on juvenile criminal matters or offences under the Road Traffic Act (Strassenverkehrsgesetz – SVG). We have developed particular expertise in administrative criminal law (e.g. breaches of due diligence obligations, market abuse), white-collar crime (e.g. seizure of documents and assets, freezing of accounts), tax offences and administrative and judicial-assistance procedures. Furthermore, we can assist victims of fraud in tracing their assets.

Debt enforcement and bankruptcyDebt enforcement and bankruptcy

You can count on our expert legal team to help you secure claims and enforce debts. We can assist with payment reminders and procedures in the event of non-payment, obtaining payment orders and injunctions to safeguard claims. Furthermore, we can guide you through the entire enforcement process, whether you are in possession of a public document (e.g. a foreign judgement) or a private acknowledgement of debt.

We can assist with execution, including the enforcement of judgements, obtaining payment orders, orders to set aside a debtor’s objections, arbitration awards, etc., and represent you in execution proceedings. In addition, we can advise on the full range of bankruptcy matters, representing you in bankruptcy proceedings and assisting in the enforcement of your rights. We can support you in the process of registering claims and taking legal action to recover debts. Besides, we can act in an official capacity as liquidator or trustee in bankruptcy.

Due diligenceDue diligence

The financial sector has changed in recent years in response to globalisation, digitisation and legislative amendments. As a Liechtenstein law firm, we keep our fingers on the pulse of international financial markets. Due to our market proximity, we have the requisite knowledge and skills to advise our clients on the full spectrum of due diligence matters. We provide advice to a range of clients, including banks, trust companies, insurance companies and other financial intermediaries, on day-to-day due diligence issues as well as anti-money laundering and insider trading.

In consultation with you, we can review and structure your due diligence documentation (contracting partners, beneficial owners, business and risk profiles, etc.). Furthermore, we can assist with fiduciary operations and international financial transactions and provide advice on the commencement and ongoing monitoring of business relationships. We can also support you regarding money laundering offences, judicial-assistance procedures and disclosing information to the FIU as well as perform company due diligence in relation to mergers and acquisitions. Alongside ongoing, day-to-day advice, we can prepare legal opinions on due diligence issues and act on your behalf in dealings with the public authorities and in court.

EEA and EU lawEEA and EU law

The Principality of Liechtenstein has been a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1995 and thus has full access to the EU Single Market. This market access makes Liechtenstein highly attractive as a place to do business for many national and international companies. If you are a company looking to do business in Liechtenstein, you can rely on our firm to provide expert advice on all aspects of EEA and EU law.

We can also advise individuals on professional, employment and tax matters as well as immigration and other issues affecting foreign nationals.

Employment lawEmployment law

You are an employer needing advice on your legal position? Or perhaps you are an employee looking for help with an employment issue? We can advise you on all facets of private employment contracts and public employment law issues. Our expert team can assist you with drafting employment contracts, personnel regulations and operational rules. Furthermore, we can advise on the best way of structuring your business. We can bring you up to speed on the rights and duties of employers and employees in relation to sickness, accident or pregnancy.

In addition, we can offer our expertise to assist in issuing references, planning transfers of undertakings and company acquisitions. We also deal with all aspects of terminating employment, including wrongful dismissal, untimely notice of termination, summary dismissal, lay-off, collective redundancy and non-compete clauses.

We can represent you before the courts and public authorities and take action to enforce your rights out of court, such as your right to salary payments, bonuses, privacy, parental leave, overtime payment or expenses.

Estate and succession planningEstate and succession planning

When it comes to wealth and succession planning, you can rely on our legal experts to guide you through all the issues involved. Our team has considerable expertise and experience in succession matters and can assist with preparing wills, agreements as to succession and deeds of gift.

Our customised wealth planning services cater for individuals, family offices and businesses and include advice on building and optimising asset structures, such as foundations and trusts, as well as business organisation.

We represent heirs or legatees in probate proceedings before national courts and public authorities, settle disputes between heirs, draft agreements governing the distribution of estates and act as executors and trustees in relation to estates. In addition, we can act for you in contentious matters and enforce your right to an inheritance or an obligatory share in an estate.

Financial market supervisionFinancial market supervision

Our broad-based expertise encompasses regulatory matters and the full spectrum of legal issues affecting financial services. We can assist in obtaining licences from the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA), for example to set up trust companies, banks, insurance companies, asset management companies and pension funds.

You will benefit from our expert knowledge of regulatory compliance in relation to due diligence obligations, risk management and corporate governance. We can provide advice, make enquiries, prepare legal opinions on regulatory issues and represent you in regulatory proceedings before the courts or public authorities.


Certain financial transactions involve complex structures and should be approached with particular care, especially in a climate of economic and legal change. As part of our service, we can provide support and guidance in relation to financial transactions. Furthermore, as experts in financial law, we can advise on national and international financial transactions, structured financing and secured lending in relation to banks, financial institutions and companies.

We can draft the necessary agreements, review existing agreements and provide legal opinions on transactions, transaction settlement and security. Besides, we can act as escrow agent, assessing whether the requirements for a transaction are met and transferring the funds to the target party once the criteria have been satisfied.

Foundations and trustsFoundations and trusts

It is essential to obtain expert legal advice on setting up, administering and implementing foundations and trusts. As specialists with extensive experience in this field, we can assist founders and trustees with succession planning, the designation of beneficiaries, organisational structures and foundation governance. We can also assist with the drafting of charters, by-laws, regulations and trust deeds, asset protection and the investment and distribution of assets.

Furthermore, we can advise on the day-to-day administration of foundations and trusts and the enforcement of beneficial interests. Where required, we can provide advice and advocacy in contentious and non-contentious matters, including rights to information, supervisory measures (e.g. dismissing members of governing bodies, reversing resolutions, court orders, special audits), requests for distribution, the liability of governing bodies, challenges by creditors or with respect to obligatory shares of an estate, liquidation, appointing deputies, etc. We also prepare legal opinions on these issues on a regular basis. In addition, we can provide access to a network of foundation board members, trustees, protectors, asset managers, banks and other partners to assist you in setting up and managing your particular asset structure.

General capital-markets lawGeneral capital-markets law

The capital markets are highly dynamic and present a number of complex legal issues that need to be addressed. Our firm regularly provides guidance on challenging capital-market issues. We keep abreast of the latest legal developments, delivering leading-edge advice across all aspects of capital-markets law. That means we can advise, for example, on matters relating to issuing and trading in investment instruments, draft bond terms and prospectuses, provide payment services or assist with general issues of company or securities law. Our clients include trust companies, banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, investment funds and pension funds.

We can help you with incorporation, corporate structuring, corporate financing, issuing and purchasing financial instruments and enforcing your rights against issuers. Furthermore, we can assist you in formulating joint solutions with supervisory bodies (e.g. FMA).

General corporate lawGeneral corporate law

We have a long track record of advising clients on all aspects of national and international corporate law. You can therefore leverage our expertise on setting up and managing legal entities (associations, public limited companies, partnerships limited by shares, limited liability companies, cooperatives, establishments and foundations), partnerships (simple partnerships, general partnerships, limited partnerships), trusts and trust enterprises (Trust reg.).

We can draft the necessary articles of association, deeds or charters, by-laws, shareholders’ agreements, partnership agreements and trust instruments as well as any minutes or resolutions you may need. In addition, we can assist with the full spectrum of matters ranging from management, administration and organisation through to conducting board meetings and general meetings, restructuring and, ultimately, dissolution (liquidation and insolvency).

We can produce legal opinions on aspects of corporate law, suggest approaches to structuring and succession and represent you in relation to corporate matters before the courts and public authorities.

Institutional clientsInstitutional clients

One of our core specialisms is meeting the requirements of institutional clients. We primarily act as permanent advisers to trust companies, banks, insurance companies, asset management companies and family offices. Our work for institutional clients covers the full spectrum of corporate, foundation and trust issues, due diligence obligations, regulatory matters, general contract issues, civil liability, employment matters and corporate governance.

We can review your mandates, recommend courses of action, draft legal opinions, prepare minutes and resolutions and represent your organisation, or the entities you manage, in court or in dealings with the public authorities.

International private lawInternational private law

Questions regarding cross-border issues? We can undertake an assessment of matters with international or cross-border elements. As part of our service, we can recommend courses of action, provide legal opinions on issues of international jurisdiction of the courts, applicable law and the recognition and enforcement of decisions by foreign courts and arbitration tribunals.

We also provide confirmation to foreign courts and public authorities as to the lawful existence of Liechtenstein companies, their powers of representation and their capacity to enter into legal commitments, either in general or in relation to specific cases.

Landlord and tenant lawLandlord and tenant law

You are a landlord needing help with drafting a tenancy agreement? Or perhaps you are a tenant looking for advice on a specific issue? We can assist with all landlord and tenant matters, including drafting and reviewing tenancy agreements, advising on landlord and tenant rights and obligations, remedying defects during the tenancy and repairing damage to rented property, undertaking rent and rent increase reviews as well as advising on changes in ownership. Furthermore, we can help to resolve any issues you face on terminating a tenancy, such as notice periods, termination without notice for good cause, terminating tenancies either in or out of court, lease renewals, etc.

We can also represent you in landlord and tenant disputes before the courts and safeguard your rights in any related enforcement proceedings, for example in the context of actions for possession or landlord’s liens.

Law of obligations and contract lawLaw of obligations and contract law

A contract is only as good as the expertise and drafting skills of the lawyer preparing it. Our team has many years’ experience of dealing with all aspects of contract law and will be happy to put this expertise at your disposal.

We draft all types of legal contract, including real estate agreements (purchases, sales, preferential rights to purchase, purchase options, gifts, exchanges, building rights, easements, alterations, memoranda of understanding, contracts for work and services, general contractor agreements, establishing condominium ownership, etc.), contracts of sale, tenancy agreements, contracts of employment, agreements governing the distribution of estates, partnership agreements, shareholders’ agreements and other special types of debt contract (deeds of assignment, loan agreements, gratuitous-hire agreements, etc.). We can also draft innominate contracts, such as cooperation agreements and framework agreements, in line with your individual requirements.

In addition, we can assist in enforcing contractual rights, for example in terms of contract performance, avoidance, warranties or indemnification. We can also prepare legal opinions on issues relating to the law of obligations and represent you in contractual disputes brought before the courts.


We have particular expertise in resolving disputes for clients, both in and out of court. Our expert team will be happy to take your instructions, for example, in relation to civil litigation matters or non-contentious proceedings (supervision procedures under corporate law, probate proceedings, etc.) as well as arbitration.

We can also prepare legal opinions on civil litigation and arbitration matters, assess the prospects of success before embarking on litigation and take on the role of deputy in relation to entities.

Mergers and acquisitionsMergers and acquisitions

It is crucial to obtain specialist professional guidance on national and international mergers, whether through consolidation or absorption, spin-offs, conversions, company acquisitions or sales and other types of restructuring. You can rely on us to provide the very best advice on all aspects of business development.

Our team will conduct due diligence on your behalf, draw up the necessary plans and reports, prepare for general meetings, prepare resolutions and deal with registrations in the Commercial Register. We will draft the necessary agreements, represent you in negotiations with counterparties, obtain all necessary licences from public authorities and handle registrations.


In our law firm Dr. iur. Manuel Walser, LL.M., is acting as public notary. The notarial services include all areas of notarial certification and authentication, such as drafting notarial deeds of legal transactions under Liechtenstein or foreign law, formation of companies, conduct of general meetings, drafting notarial deeds of assembly decisions, sworn declarations (affidavits), recording of witness statements for the use or preparation of court proceedings abroad as well as drafting of enforceable notarial deeds. In addition the authentication of signatures, hand signs, copies, transcriptions, extracts, translations and date certifications.

Private clientsPrivate clients

We work closely with our private clients as a trusted partner, advising on all issues affecting personal and business assets. Our comprehensive services include asset structuring, setting up companies, partnerships, foundations and trusts, and protecting assets in relation to creditors and obligatory shares of estates. We have particular expertise in estate planning, advising on wills, gifts, agreements as to succession and marital agreements as well as succession planning for businesses.

Above all, you will have the benefit of ongoing advice and assistance covering the whole spectrum of wealth management. We will also ensure that your interests are safeguarded in disputes before national courts, arbitration tribunals or other public authorities. You can turn to us for help in obtaining Liechtenstein residency and work permits, dealing with residency and establishment issues, or negotiating flat-rate taxation deals.

Real estate and construction lawReal estate and construction law

Real estate projects can be highly complex, involving an array of factors that need to be considered. Our firm has extensive expertise, for example, in drafting contracts and deeds in relation to purchases, sales, preferential rights to purchase, purchase options, gifts, exchanges, building rights, easements, alterations, memoranda of understanding, contracts for work and services, general contractor agreements, framework agreements, etc., in clarifying issues with land registries, land transfer authorities and the tax authorities, and in obtaining any permits and authorisations required from the land transfer authorities.

We can assist with contract registration at the Land Registry, establishing condominium ownership, creating charges on property and clarifying relevant issues with banks and investors. As part of our real estate service, we also advise on landlord and tenant issues. We can take action to safeguard your ownership rights and protect your possession of a property.

In addition, we can assist with all public-sector matters under general construction law (preparation for building, development, construction, utilisation, green areas, spacing, building height, constructing parking spaces, etc.), the process of obtaining planning permission and notification procedures, land readjustment and preservation orders. Our services also include advising public bodies and municipalities on public-sector planning matters, such as adopting development or design plans and revising municipal building regulations.

Reorganisation and insolvencyReorganisation and insolvency

When a business runs into financial difficulties, it is crucial to obtain expert support and guidance. If your business is facing financial problems and you need to explore reorganisation or debt restructuring options, we are on hand to advise and support you. We can help you to secure and restore the financial viability of your business, negotiate with creditors with regard to postponement of payments, enforcement measures and debt reduction, and negotiate with banks and the company’s management throughout this period.

Furthermore, we can provide comprehensive advice to creditors or traders affected by the insolvency of a business partner. This means we can defend your rights prior to an adjudication of bankruptcy (upon assessment of insolvency, notification of the court, filing the bankruptcy petition, etc.) and also at the claim verification or enforcement stage once bankruptcy proceedings have commenced (actions to segregate assets and establish ownership, netting, contract performance, schedule of claims procedures and legal challenges, etc.).

You can also benefit from our extensive experience in preparing expert reports: we can provide legal opinions on insolvency issues, including netting, and can act as liquidator or trustee in bankruptcy, where required.

Right of residence and establishmentRight of residence and establishment

There are a number of issues that need to be addressed when it comes to residency in the Principality of Liechtenstein. As a law firm based in Liechtenstein, we have the necessary expertise to support individuals and businesses in this area.

Whether you need help with a residence permit, taking up employment without residency and legal issues relating to aliens or residency, or whether you are a Liechtenstein business looking to employ foreign nationals, you will benefit from our in-depth, specialist advice.

Road traffic lawRoad traffic law

Need legal assistance with a road traffic offence? We can help with the full range of road traffic issues. Our services include advising and representing clients in relation to road traffic violations and related administrative measures (cautions, disqualification from driving, etc.) or prosecutions.

Our team can also help you pursue civil claims arising from a traffic accident (e.g. compensation claims for personal or psychological injury, medical expenses) and defend you against unjustified claims. Moreover, we provide advice and assistance in relation to insurance and liability issues.

Tax and international mutual assistanceTax and international mutual assistance

Representing your interests to the fullest extent is our firm’s top priority. This is equally true of our tax practice. We can provide comprehensive advice across the entire range of tax matters, including tax planning, traditional tax advice, for example in relation to sales, commercial and international transactions, business establishment and relocation as well as taking up residence in Liechtenstein.

Tax issues regularly arise in a variety of circumstances, for instance in the context of succession planning and wealth structuring. We can inform you of any applicable double-taxation agreements or agreements facilitating the international exchange of information (AEOI, TIEA, FATCA, etc.) and find tailored solutions for you. Where required, you will also have access to our international network of tax specialists in other jurisdictions.

White-collar crime & international judicial assistanceWhite-collar crime & international judicial assistance

Conducting business is becoming more and more complex in our globalised world, involving a number of legal risks. It is therefore reassuring to know that experts are on hand to advise on all white-collar crime matters and any related administrative and judicial-assistance procedures.

We represent complainants, injured parties, defendants or parties to proceedings before national courts and public authorities. Furthermore, we assist victims of fraud to trace stolen assets and help to enforce claims under private law.

We can also advise you and your company across the full spectrum of business crime matters as well as anti-money laundering measures, due diligence issues, regulatory matters, corruption, market abuse, insider trading, bankruptcy offences, asset freezing and a range of other issues. Drawing on our substantial experience in international judicial assistance, we will safeguard your rights and represent you in court in relation to any criminal matters.